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Biometric Device Repair Services

Like other devices, your biometric device requires maintenance and servicing. Because a biometric device has no mechanical components, it is uncertain when it will develop faults and errors. These devices can only be serviced or changed by a qualified technician or engineer because they are entirely constructed of electronic circuits and components.

We redefine "fixing" by making it easier, more effective, and more accessible to all mortals, who previously believed that having a biometric device repaired may be the biggest nightmare of their lives

Repairing your precious biometric device is a tricky business, but we're here to assist you!

Why Us

Premium Repair

We provide top-quality certified hardware parts for your biometric device

Skilled Technicians

Our in-house highly trained technicians provide a variety of biometric device-specific services

Quick Fix

Fastest turnaround repair services for your biometric devices

6 Months Warranty

Hassle-free 6 months warranty on parts replaced

Guaranteed Safety

We guarantee optimum device & data security

Effective Communication

We provide exemplary customer service, fully and efficiently.

Repair Service

Service Total Amt:*

  Rs 99.00

( Including Rs 0.00 at 18% GST )

How it works

Book Service

Fill up the form and tell us what you want us to repair

Ship Device

Ship your biometric device to us to get repaired

Repair & Return

We repair your device as new as it gets and then ship it back to you


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